The Marina at the Groton Lodge of Elks is located at the mostly salty, headwater of
Baker Cove in the City of Groton, Connecticut. Baker Cove connects to Fishers Island
and Long Island Sounds via one marked and one unmarked channel. The Marina is a
small craft facility and consists of two docks with a total of 72 slips that can hold boats in
the 10’ to 25’ range and is believed to be one of only two facilities of its kind in Elk-dom.
Tides in the Cove may be problematic and boaters are encouraged to consult area tide
tables, when transiting in or out. The docks are supplied with fresh wash down water,
and 120V 20A electrical service. Portable toilets are located near the dock for
convenience and the Marina is lighted and video-monitored 24-hours a day. The Marina
is run entirely by volunteer Elks 2163 Members.